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The “Big Game” yesterday turned out to be the “Big Dud” !! The Seattle Seahawks destroyed the Denver Broncos 43-8 and made Peyton Manning and his team look like a bad high school team. The game’s first play was a snap over Peyton’s head that ended up in a safety. From 2-0 the avalanche started and the Hawks led 22-0 at halftime. Any hopes Denver had were immediately crushed when Percy Harvin ran back the second half kickoff to make the score 29-0. The game MVP was Seahawk linebacker Malcolm Smith who became the ninth defensive player to win the award.

Super Bowl tidbits … The National Anthem was spectacular! Opera star Renee Fleming did a great job and maybe one of the best renditions I have ever heard … Joe Namath was looking good in his fur coat but he flipped the coin before the referee was ready. It was funny as hell watching the ref grab the coin in mid-air and making Broadway Joe flip it again … Fox was missing announcer Terry Bradshaw who remained in Louisiana mourning the death of his father who passed away Thursday. Fox dedicated the broadcast to Bradshaw and his family … The fireworks before the game and at halftime were great … Speaking of halftime, Bruno Mars r9ocked the house. I thought it was a weird mix with the Red Hot Chili peppers but it was fun to watch … The commercials were good with the Budweiser puppy/horse spot the best followed by the Seinfield ad, Tim Tebow for T-Mobile and Heinz Ketchup commercial … All-in-all, Fox did a solid job as it is very difficult keeping people interested in a blowout game!

Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman was found in a Manhattan apartment with a syringe jabbed into his arm. The Academy Awarding  winning actor was only 46 years old. He won the Academy Award for best actor in 2006 for his role in “Capote”. He was nominated three times in that category. Hoffman leaves his partner Mimi O’Donnell and three children.

The Winter Olympics start this Friday in Sochi, Russia. More than 2,500 athletes from 88 countries will travel to the Soviet Union to participate in the 22nd Winter Games. The 88 countries will set a record for number of countries in a Winter Games. The previous record was 82 for the 2010 Vancouver games. The USA will be sending a record 288 people to Sochi.

Lolita is a killer whale that has lived at the Miami Seaquarium  for nearly 44 years. Now, activists are saying she should be released back into the wild. These people are actually waging a legal battle to put her back in the ocean. The Seaquarium says the best place for Lolita is where she is at, getting first-class medical care and high quality food. In my opinion PETA is full of shit and they are way out of line in this matter. The whale is 44 years old and putting back in the sea would be committing murder,

Last but not least … Birthday wishes go out today to rapper Sean Kingston (24) and actor Morgan Fairchild who turns 64 … The abortion rate in the USA declined to its lowest level in more than three decades … Have a great week everybody!

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