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Tonight is Jimmy Fallon’s big night! Say goodbye to the Jay Leno era and start the Jimmy Fallon era of The Tonight Show! The program will now originate from New York City and his house band “The Roots” will still be a part of the show. Tonight Will Smith and the band U2 will be guests right after Olympic coverage. Next week the show will return to its normal 11:35pm start time on NBC. This week the guest lineup also includes Michelle Obama, Will Ferrell, Jerry Seinfeld and Lady Gaga.

Charlie Sheen got engaged last weekend to former porn star Brett Rossi. It will be Sheen’s 4th marriage as he was married to Donna Peele for a year, Denise Richards for two years and Brooke Mueller for three years. Do ya think Brett has a chance to reach four years? Good luck to her … she’ll need it!

Awwwww!! Poor George Zimmerman. The man who has acquitted last year of murdering 17-year-old Travon Martin says he’s homeless, jobless and struggling with post-traumatic street disorder. Zimmerman has had a roller-coaster time since his run-in with Martin. The two-year anniversary of the incident is rapidly approaching and during that time Zimmerman has been arrested multiple times for various reasons. I’d like to feel sorry for the guy but I just can’t!

In a report just released by The state of Florida,  74 greyhound dogs died at Florida dog tracks from May 31, 2013 to December 31, 2013. That averages to one every three days! Twelve of those dogs died in St.Petersburg and 12 in Daytona. There are 21 greyhound tracks nationwide with 13 in the Sunshine State. The dog racing industry says they lost $35-million in 2012 and want to reduce the total number of days and races. The St.Pete track says it makes the majority of its profit from the poker room and not dog racing.

Jamie Coots, the world known snake-handling pastor died Saturday after ….. guess what …. ready for this …. yes … he was killed by a snake bite! Coots, who appeared on the National Geographic television reality show “Snake Salvation” was bit by a rattlesnake during a Saturday night service at his Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name Church in Middlesboro, Kentucky. Coots refused medical treatment and later died at his home. Ok, I’m gonna say it …. this guys was pure stupid!

Last but not least … Miranda Barbour is only 19 years old but has said she’s killed over 20 people in her lifetime. The Pennsylvania woman said she’s killed 22 people in the past six years but she only kills bad people.  She joined a satanic cult when she was 13 and said she will kill again if released … The Olympics are in full swing and the USA men and women hockey teams are kicking ass! As of today, we are tied for second in the total medal count one behind The Netherlands … The Florida State Fair closes this evening after a great 10 day run! Have a fantastic Monday everybody !!!

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